Saiges first day home

Saiges first day home

I was looking back in old pictures from 2013 and found a picture of my birthday when I got Saige and made a house for her.


Sewing day !

imageimageSewing day !

McKenna is sewing lots of things today. She has a box for fabric , a sewing bow for needles and push pins and safety pens. She is designing outfits for her dolls Isabelle and Emily . She has a little spool of green thread and a sewing machine . She also is sewing a dress for her sister Saige. She has scissors , bows and ribbons and has along day ahead of her!McKenna also made a cute purple tank top with a light blue waist band with a super cute pink flower and goldish bead in the middle of the flower for her doll Isabelle !image

A awesome day to garden

imageimageA awesome day to garden

A photo story : characters : Saige (in ruthies meet dress and is by best friends doll) Saige my doll , and Rahel my heart 4heart doll

My Saige was planting trees in the garden .My bffs doll Saige was shaking hands with Rahel. Saige my doll and Saige my bffs doll then sat down to talk . It was a very nice day. Saige my bffs was there to buy a barn. The grass was so long . They were hiring someone to cut it . I will come back soon said my bffs Saige .the end.