Friendship day

imageimageimageimageimageimageFriendship day One Friday after school the dolls went to have a best friend day at the park . Sadly Sadie and Rahel couldn’t come. They decided to get into groups so they would not get lost. Saige and Kaitlyn were partners. McKenna and Kimberly were partners. Saige and Kaitlyn went on the playground ,Saige jumped on the trampoline while Kaitlyn climed in tunnels . McKenna and Kimberly looked at the water fall. Later Saige and Kaitlyn got bored and came to join the other girls. What good friends they are!






AMERICAN GIRL Samantha IS COMING BACK THIS FALL! I can not wait and found it on their face book page. I really hope Nellie comes back and they are in their original meet outfit. I think that Nellie will come back because almost all the comments say “I want Nellie!!!!”

Photo: Samantha Parkington never met a tree she couldn’t climb, a rule she couldn’t ruffle or a friend she couldn’t help. We’re excited she’s coming back this fall to inspire girls to be their very best. How does your girl inspire others? Share with us below!



McKenna watched the frozen movie and decided to dress up as Elsa . Saige could be Anna McKenna thought, if she could convince Saige to do it on tv with out freaking out while she was saying her lines on stage.