Isabelle showcase

Here are a lot of pics of Isabelle’s surprise party opening presents.





here is a picture of her holding the tutu.

here is a picture of her holding the tutu.



I finally saved up for Isabelle and went to AG store and bought her today. She is sisters with McKenna , Saige and Rahel . Here are some pics of me opening her and will be a lot of posts of her this week ! I also got Isabelle’s rosette leotard and her tutu.












A group picture. They are all such great friends and sisters!

A group picture. They are all such great friends and sisters!


caption this doll photo

we are going to do something called caption this doll photo were you right what you think the dolls are saying in the picture.


example :

Rahel :  Here is some bamboo

Saige :  that is not bamboo

Rahel : what is it?

Saige :  it is a weed

caption away !




Before colored


Supplies you will need


Things can be easily stored inside

Hey guys today we are going to make it quick craft for dolls. To make doll night stands you will need :
Any jewelry boxes , a box that’s not too big or too small, a marker and tape , and of course creativity . Then you tape all the jewelry boxes together exept one . You tape that one to the bigger box so that you can open them up for storage. Then you use the markers to draw handles . Stuff it full of your dolls stuff. Enjoy!


thanks so much tgtheagfan!

  1. Favorite Food?  cheese Cascadia’s
  2. What doll do you want next? Isabelle !
  3. What is the perfect vacation spot? California
  4. What is your favorite American Girl Doll Movie? McKenna shoots for the stars
  5. Who do you think the next doll AG will come out with? I think an African American who dreams of being a singer (she would be girl of the year)
  6. How many AG places have you been to? (and which ones?) California , Kansas City , St. Louis and I think that’s it!
  7. How many dolls do you have? 2 AG and 4 other non- AG .
  8. Favorite AG Doll? McKenna AND Saige
  9. What year did you get your first doll? AG doll was 2012 but I don’t know when others
  10. How people (besides your family) know that you love AG? 9

I nominate :






How cute is this?

Easter Joy

Jesus came to earth,
To show us how to live,
How to put others first,
How to love and how to give.

Then He set about His work,
That God sent Him to do;
He took our punishment on Himself;
He made us clean and new.

He could have saved Himself,
Calling angels from above,
But He chose to pay our price for sin;
He paid it out of love.

Our Lord died on Good Friday,
But the cross did not destroy
His resurrection on Easter morn
That fills our hearts with joy.

Now we know our earthly death,
Like His, is just a rest.
We’ll be forever with Him
In heaven, where life is best.

So we live our lives for Jesus,
Think of Him in all we do.
Thank you Savior; Thank you Lord.
Help us love like you!

By Joanna Fuchs