caption this doll photo

we are going to do something called caption this doll photo were you right what you think the dolls are saying in the picture.


example :

Rahel :  Here is some bamboo

Saige :  that is not bamboo

Rahel : what is it?

Saige :  it is a weed

caption away !


5 thoughts on “caption this doll photo

  1. Rahel: Merry Christmas!
    Saige: Um…. What?
    Rahel: I got you a leaf for Christmas.
    Saige: First off, it’s not even Christmas and
    Rahel: Well too bad!
    Saige: second off, why did you give me a leaf?
    Rahel: Just take it!

  2. The next day,
    Rahel: Guess what Saige
    Saige: What!
    Rahel: I looked it up on the Internet the so called leaf is actually bamboo
    Saige: Rahel everything on the internet is not correct.
    Rahel: So
    Saige: ok fine just believe it.

  3. Rahel: Bamboo sticks are necessary for fortune telling, now for meditation. Om…
    Saige: Uh…
    Rahel: Shh!
    Saige: Rahel, this isn’t-
    Rahel: Saige, please! You’re ruining my concentration!
    Saige: Rahel!!!
    Rahel: What?
    Saige: This isn’t bamboo.
    Rahel: You want to know if you’re going to win the lottery don’t you?
    Saige: Of course-
    Rahel: Then just go along with it! Om…
    Saige: *facepalm*

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