CDD photo story


The three girls Saige , Izzy and Kenna walked to camp . They didn’t  want to  be late. They all hoped they would be in a cabin together because they were sisters . After they had changed their clothes ,or at least some of them did they went to the desk. “Kenna , Izzy and Saige G. “said Kenna . All right said Sadie you will all be together in cabin two. She handed the key to Saige . Yay!!!! All the girls exclaimed. 002

They got to the room and Saige unlocked the door . The girls and Kenna and Izzy’s new dog Coconut walked in. There were three beds and a shelf with a cubby . each girl chose their bed . Then they unpacked their bags and carefully placed their things on the shelf. Soon the room felt like home , and good thing it did because they would be staying there for the whole summer.


The shelf and cubby with their things in it .


After a while the dolls were board so Saige sat on her bed with Meatloaf at the end. Saige read her Meet Cecile book.


Kenna read Brave Emily.


Izzy read her Meet Isabelle book with her stuffed bunny at the end of her bed.

How do you like the dog bed I sowed for Meatloaf and Coconut ? It was from a My Froggy Stuff tutorial .


Have your dolls had a great first day ?





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