my b day

july 29 is me and Saige’s b day. 🙂



2 Beachy Blogger awards !

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Hi I have two new awards from Gabby and tgtheagfan.

Here are the questions from Gabby:


Horse or Pony? Pony.

Who was your first doll? My first was Kaitlyn bfc ink.

How long have you had a WordPress account? I think around 7 months.

Do you have any AG mini dolls? Yes I have 4.

What is your favorite name for a pet? Cupcake (my cats name)

Do you have any siblings? yes.

Singing or dancing? dancing .

At school do you do book reports? yes.

Dog or Cat? cat.

Favorite thing to do in your free time? blog, do gymnastics, crafting, and knitting.

Favorite thing to see at the zoo ? The lions and cheetahs .

Thanks Gabby !  Here are the ones from tgtheagfan:

If you could have any doll what would it be? Cecile

Ice cream or Popsicles? Ice cream

What do you love to do most with your dolls? Play with them.

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer? bike riding, blogging , playing with my dolls and my friends!

 Etsy or AG doll clothes? AG doll clothes

How many dolls do you have? I have seven dolls in my doll family counting AG and not.

 What is your favorite book? I really like the AG mystery books.

 If you could add a new doll to AG’s collection what would the doll look like?  Would it be a My AG, a GOTY, or a Historical? Historical. She would be a immigrant from France and would have red hair, green eyes and freckles. Her name would be Vanessa.

 What is your favorite doll accessory? I like Saige’s accessory’s.

 How did you get into blogging? I saw a button on the doll mag that said to push it to start a free wordpress blog so I did and I started my blog.

Thanks tgtheagfan !

here are my questions :

What is your favorite new pet from AG?

Do you like beforever?

What is your favorite food?

Horses or cats?

pink or green?

Lainie  or Caroline?

I nominate :






your blog makes me happy award

Thanks Happy House of AG ! Now here are my answers :                                                               What would you name MY AG #55 ? I don’t know how to find out what the dolls numbers are online.                                                  What is your favorite quote? I don’t really have one.   

  1. Elsa or Anna? I love Elsa!
  2. If you could make the next Girl of the Year, what would her name be, what would she look like, and what would she like doing? Strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes and no freckles. She would do tennis and her favorite subject would be Language Arts.
  3. What is your favorite photo story you have ever done? I haven’t done many and when I do they are short so my camp doll diaries one!
  4. Are you a very creative person that stays up all night thinking of what you could make, and wake up in the morning like “I’VE GOTTA MAKE
  6.                         No.  

7. How did you get into AG dolls? In 2012 my BFF Gabby had 2 AG dolls and when we played I didn’t have one so  for Christmas that year I got McKenna who does gymnastics like me and looks like me.

8. What do you like/dislike about AG’s summer release ?   I love that AG makes more things like leashes and beds for the pets. Also before they came out I made my one craft leashes for pets that I could share sometime.

9. Do you play that your dolls get married? (Making one of the dolls into a boy, of course)


Here are my questions : What is your favorite HC that is retiring ?

Do you like the idea of beforever ?

Do you play dolls or just like posting?

Do you love pizza ?

Which of your dolls is most like you?

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite AG nightgown?

Do you have any MyAGs?

I nominate …






                                                     The Dolls of Sweet Nokia Street


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Don’t get too excited about the last post. I have big news. My grandma called AG about Cecile. She is sold out. So she went in the store , talked to the personal shopper if there was any way there was one left. They sent an email all over the united states looking for one and there was one left in Denver! So she ordered it with my mom’s money so I will pay her when I have enough. So I will not be getting a MYAG I will getting  Cecile like I really wanted! 1000 thanks to my grandma! btw my mom and grandma doesn’t have a blog but here are their user names:


myas mama