Grace’s Movie Event~ Store pictures

Bonjour! As you may know, I saw the Grace movie yesterday. Today I will show some store pictures. I met up with my friends Ilovehorses and 8dolldreams at the movies. There will be some pictures with 8dolldreams doll, Gabby. Ilovehorses did not bring a doll but my phone ran out of batteries in the car ride to the store so Ilovehorses took these pictures on her phone for me. Let the pictures begin!



Here we have my doll, Izzy, the Grace display doll, and 8dolldreams doll, Gabby.


The bistro set.


Here is the store exclusive sail board thing I believe.


Izzy in the hammock.


And a new doll travel booklet.

And here are two pictures in the movie.


My doll Izzy.


8dolldreams doll, Gabby.

Thx for reading! This was really fun to meet up with some of my AG loving friends and also have something really fun to post about together. It was really fun and I would also recommend the movie.

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