The eye doctor- An AG Photostoryd

Written in the point of view of Jackie.


It was a normal day at school. Ms. Albright was teaching a math lesson. The one problem was: I couldn’t see the board. It looked blurry. “Jackie, would you tell us the answer?” Ms. Albright asked.


Β “Uh, I cant really see the board.” I said.


“I will call your mom to take you to the eye doctor.” she said


My mom arrived and we left.


At the doctor, Mrs. Rey asked me to read some letters, but I guessed most of them.


She looked at her papers. “Jackie, you will need glasses.” she said


“Awww.” I moaned


“you can pick out the frames you like, honey.” mom said. “I guess.” I answered.


Mrs. Rey led me to a place full of glasses. I dug through the file.


“Mom, I like these.” I said, showing her the frames I picked.


“you look amazing!” Mom and Mrs. Rey said at once. “Why do you like them?” Mrs. Rey asked.


“Because they make me Truly Me.” I said, smiling

I would like to give a shout out to my grandma, Praise05 who kindly bought me these glasses

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5 thoughts on “The eye doctor- An AG Photostoryd

  1. Great story and so many good pics to go with it. I’m happy that Jackie can see better and look so cute in her glasses too!!!!

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