Caption that doll photo- vote!😃

Hi! I am reblogging this post because I made some mistakes on the first one. #1 I cut off part of Kayla’s. #2 I did AGcupcakelover’s first version not her fixed version. Sorry! So just read through this post again and u will read the real version. Thx! Bye,

AG Lane 123 Studios

Hi guys! These are my three favorites:

A Barefoot Gal –

McKenna: Uh, Julie? You haven’t moved for like, 12 minutes.
Julie: Muuuuuuu……………
McKenna: What!?!?
Julie: Muuuuu…….
Julie: I. Will. Do. What-ev-er. You. Say.
McKenna: *sighs* Julie. You are not a robot.
Julie: O-Kay. I. Am. Not. A. Ro-Bot.
McKenna: Why Julie, Why.

AG cupcake lover –

Julie:um can’t you move at least for a little ? You have been just reading that for this entire month!
Mckenna:No thx I am just going to just read,no matter what you say.
Julie:oh yeah why are you sitting on my bed?
McKenna:fine I will get up.
*Mckenna try’s to get up but her legs are stuck!*
Julie:um…your stuck I am not going to help you cuz you have been reading that for a entire month! And you are at my bed without…

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