AG Fan Meet-up 2015

I hope u can attend!

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How many of you remember the AG Fan Meet-up I did in 2014? Actually, it doesn’t really matter whether you do or not, because I’m doing another one!

That’s right. I’m going to fill you in on the awesomeness of the AG Fan Meet-up 2015!

AG Fan Meet-up 2015 poster

My AG Fan Meet-ups aren’t the kind where we all go to an American Girl store together. The goal is for you to meet fellow doll lovers in your area. The meet-up will last five days, but of course you don’t have to participate the whole time.

Here’s what you need to know:

When: September 7-11.

Where: wherever you are!

Why: so you can meet other American Girl fans in your area.

How do we find you: I’m getting to that . . .

There will be a specific color of shirt that you should wear each day. For example, Monday you’d wear blue, Tuesday…

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AG Maryellen Debut and Meetup- RESULTS

Hi guys! I had a really fun time at the AG Store LA and even got to meet Jacklynn from Little House of American Girl! I got to see the new Maryellen release and Truly Me release. Yay!

Here are some pictures I took at the store:



Maryellen’s window display was so cute!


Poor Caroline’s retiring 😦


















This is really cute!


This is my favorite new Truly me outfit! It looks great on Jackie too!








Yay a new gymnastics outfit!


Maryellen’s diner is really cute! Grace is cooking and Julie is being seated.




That’s all the store pictures! Now I will show you the items I got!

2015-08-28 001

First, I got a free catalogue.

2015-08-28 002

2015-08-28 003

2015-08-28 004

2015-08-28 005

2015-08-28 008

2015-08-28 006

2015-08-28 007

2015-08-28 009

Next, I got a free craft!

2015-08-28 010

2015-08-28 011

They are glasses for you and your doll, along with some stickers. Next, I got some Maryellen hair ties! If you were wondering, they were free.

2015-08-28 017

2015-08-28 018

Next Jacklynn kindly gave me a little handmade doll scarf!

2015-08-28 013

Its so cute!

2015-08-28 014

She also included her cards.

2015-08-28 015

2015-08-28 016

Now for what I bought.

2015-08-28 019

I got these store PJs! They were on sale 😀

2015-08-28 020

Last but not least I got this silver starry tee! It is really cute!

Now Izzy will model for us.

2015-08-28 021

2015-08-28 022

I really think the tee is great on Izzy!

2015-08-28 023

Here she is modeling the glasses and bow. The glasses are a bit strange.

2015-08-28 024

The bow is really cute also!

2015-08-28 025

Here is the scarf! Thank you so much once again Jacklynn! My dolls will definitely be wearing this during this fall.

2015-08-28 026

Here are the PJs!

2015-08-28 029

2015-08-28 028

2015-08-28 027

Here is an overview!

2015-08-28 030

2015-08-28 031



Meet up!?!?

Hi guys! It’s been awhile. Today I wanted to share very excited news. I am having a meet up! Here are the details:

When: Tomorrow, August 27

Where: The AG Place LA

Why: Maryellens debut!

What time: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm (1 hour)

I am so excited! I hope I can see some of you!

Will you get Maryellen?

See you tomorrow!


HSH Season 1 Episode 2

home sweet home

Episode 2-

I woke up late. Really late. At 10:00 AM! Everyone else was awake.


I looked outside and saw Maddy taking out her bulldog to do his business. Miles was kicking a baseball.


I went downstairs and saw Mom sitting on the couch sipping a mug of coffee while watching master chef.


“Good morning.” I said to get her attention. “Oh hello, Crystal. I didn’t see you were up. How late did you stay up?” She said. “Oh we stayed up around midnight.” I said. She laughed. “What were you doing all that time?” “Oh, just reading.” I answered.   “So your a bookworm too?” She asked. “Yes. Me and Maddy are.” I answered. “Well Maddy is outside with meatloaf. Come inside if you’re hungry.” Mom instructed.


I went outside. “Hi, Maddy!” I said. “Do like my dog, Meatloaf?” She asked. “Oh yes. He is a cutie.” I said.


Meatloaf ran up to me and licked my cheek. “What do you like to do, Maddy?” I asked. “Well I like to read and bake. My favorite animal is a pig.” She said.


She pointed to her piggy pjs.


I looked down at my my ones with a grey shirt and orange shorts.


“Awesome! I like to bake and I like gymnastics. I have always wanted to be on a team. And as you know I love reading.” I told her. “Cool! Gymnastics looks fun but I’m not flexible. We both like to read and bake!” She exclaimed. “Would you like to see our bakery?” She asked. I was shocked. “Your bakery?” I asked. I really think I’m gonna like it here. “Yes. My mom owns a French pastry shop. Come on, I will show you. First I have to ask Mom.”


After she asked Mom she showed me down the block and to the bakery. “Here it is!” She pronounced. There was a stand with a tower of pastries, an oven and counter, a cupboard on the wall with desserts and a mini bakery model.


“Wow…” I breathed. “This place is amazing! Can we bake?” I asked. “Of course!” Maddy answered. “What do you like to bake?” She asked. “I love making French pastries like baguettes and tartlets and macaroons.” I answered dreamily. “Well let’s start with a baguette” she said.


Soon we had made a baguette and were eating it for breakfast.


“Let’s go home now and get dressed for the day.” Maddy said after we finished eating. Home. Hopefully this home would last. Hopefully it will be home sweet home.


When we got home we changed. Then the doorbell rang. “The mails here!” Yelled Maddy. I ran outside and grabbed the mail. The first letter had my name on the front.


I tore open the envelope. Ahhh! I screamed.

-To be Continued-

Do you like it? Sorry it was late 😦

See you later!

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