Happy Halloween! Plus a video

Hi everybody! Happy Halloween if you celebrate it. I hope you get lots of candy! I am being a pig of course. Izzy is being a ballerina and Jackie is being a pig to match me. Well anyway here is a video of me showing you my dolls’s Halloween decor. Enjoy!

Did you like it? I’m not too good at videos yet. Oh and here are my dolls’s costumes:

They are ready to go trick or treating! Well bye!


Going to Elephant Rocks!

Hi guys! Yesterday we went to a really pretty park called Elephant Rocks! It was a long drive but I think it was worth it! If you ever get a chance to go make sure to bring a doll and a camera. I brought Grace and took a lot of great photos with her!


 Here is Grace posing by a not-so-big rock (you will see what I mean).


Grace is sitting on a pretty big rock.




This is big!




On top of the world!


On top of the earth!


Trying to seem invincible




I really liked the picture above 😉


Doesn’t Grace look gorgeous?


Careful Grace!



2015-10-24 048

Really Pretty!

2015-10-24 050

This may be her new profile picture!

2015-10-24 055

Or this one!

2015-10-24 063

2015-10-24 065

I really love the focus in this one ❤

2015-10-24 066

2015-10-24 068

2015-10-24 069

Ok this has to be her new profile its the cutest thing ever ❤ ❤ ❤

2015-10-24 070

2015-10-24 075

2015-10-24 076

2015-10-24 081

2015-10-24 082

2015-10-24 083

This is why this place is called Elephant Rocks:

2015-10-24 084

You cant really tell in the picture but these are HUGE! They are probably 10 times as tall as Grace at the least.

2015-10-24 085

2015-10-24 086

2015-10-24 087

2015-10-24 089

Bye! This post was really long. Have a good Sunday!

Blog Signature

New header!

Hi guys! I know this is short but plz check out my new header! Now it has all my AG dolls in it. Tell me if you like it in the comments! Here are some bonus pictures:

Ttyl bye!

A fall photo shoot

Hi guys! Me again. Today I am sharing a fun photo shoot I did with Saige. It’s my fall photo shoot. Here we go!


This is my favorite😀  
   Last but not least  some  edits.

 TTYL bye!

AG fun finds #2

Today I have an amazing AG fun find for you! It’s pretty late but that’s alright.  Here we go! 

             My find is a bitty baby!!!

 I found her at a thrift store for $4!!! It was an amazing deal and I couldn’t pass her up!


I Hope you enjoyed! Madelyn was an awesome find! Try thrift storing for yourself! It’s lots of fun. Bye!