Home Sweet Home~ Season 1 Episode 4

home sweet home

Episode 4


Maddy and I walked into the small gymnastics boutique.


There was a little stand with leotards, and a cashier at a desk.


Maddy and I walked over to the leotards, ready to explore.


“This will be so hard to decide!” I exclaimed. “I know right!” Maddy agreed.


I looked through the rack. The leotards there were a little too plain.


“I think I want this!” I exclaimed. “Lets check out.” Maddy suggested.


We walked to the cashier and set our purchase on the smooth counter.


The lady carefully smoothed out all the wrinkles and set it in the bag.


We took the bag, paid, and waved good bye. “Thank You!” we said in unity.


That is the end of part 4! The next part is the finale. I am happy this series will be done and I can start a new exciting series! Well see you later,

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everybody! Happy thanksgiving! Do any of you like watching the thanksgiving parades on TV? I do! This year I decided to set up one for my dolls.   

   Let’s take an up close view.  

Starting off the parade we have Julie in a jeep.

Grace and Cecile are modeling the newest fashions from Paris.

We have little Elsa singing let it go.

 Finishing the parade we have Saige on her horse Piccasso.

Happy thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?

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The mini doll adventures- Part 1

-In mini Rebecca’s point of view-

I quietly got up from Julie’s bed and tip toed across the bedroom floor.

I walked where Cecile was laying, in the place her owners last played with her. “The cost is clear.” I whispered. 

She stood up and I told her the plan.  “It is 5:30. Our owners will be up at 7:00. That gives us a hour and a half to explore.” I explained. “Get the others.”

Marie Grace got up and quickly joined us.

Once everyone had gathered around I explained the plan one last time. 3…2…1… Go!

Marie grace found a bakery just her size in Grace’s room.

Ruthie found a TV.

Isabelle liked this nice throne and quickly claimed it.

Emily decided to be an artist for the  morning.

Cecile found a delicious breakfast just for her.

I of course became a cowgirl.

When the alarm went off, everybody scattered back to their places.

 And nobody knew who ate their breakfast.


Comment and tell me if you want more of these! –Mya

A cute outfit!

2015-11-14 001

Hello everybody! Happy Sunday! Yesterday I went to a craft fair. There was a really cool table with tons of cute doll outfits and accessories. I decided to buy this adorable floral skirt with a matching floral infinity scarf. Grace looks awesome in it! Grace’s top is from Saige’s sweater outfit and the shoes are from Grace’s sight seeing outfit.

2015-11-14 002

Here is up close on the scarf. It is great quality. Grace is so photogenic!

2015-11-14 003

I LOVE the skirt too!

2015-11-14 004


2015-11-14 005

Feet shot!

Well, thanks for reading! I highly recommend Grace before she is gone! She is very photogenic and pretty and you don’t want to miss her! I also recommend going to local craft fairs in you area. There is a good chance they have AG stuff!

Happy Sunday,

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Grace ❤

Home Sweet Home- Season 1 episode 3

 Finally its here!

  had an envelope. For me. And it said, “Dear Crystal Thomas, you have been formally accepted to join the competing gymnastics team. It is the Soaring Stars Gymnastics. It is a competing team aiming to go to the Olympics in 4 years. Practice is every day except Sunday. I hope to see you there, Coach Layla.” I screamed one last time.I ” can’t believe this Maddy!” I said.

She just smiled and then started giggling. “What’s so funny? Did you know?” I asked shocked. She nodded excitedly. “Mom signed you up.” She explained. “She did! Why?” I asked confused but very excited. “On your profile on the foster care site it said you always wanted to be on a team. It’s your early birthday present.” Explained Maddy. “Wow thanks!” I said.
image2I hugged her.

“Practice starts tomorrow, right?” I asked.  “Yep.” Said maddy. “And you know what that means?!?” She exclaimed. “What?” I said. “Leotard shopping!” She burst.


Sorry this took SOOOO long do get up! I wonder if you guys forgot about this series. And also sorry its so short. The next one will be a little longer! Comment and like if you like this series. Bye!

Happy redhead day!

Hi guys! Here is a short little post to say happy redhead day! Give this post a like if u or ur doll has read hair or simply because u like this post! Here is Jackie saying happy redhead day because she has red hair:

Oh, and she wanted me to let u know I made the shirt and that the fabulous Mountain Dew soda in the background is from Justice. Bye and I will hopefully talk to you tomorrow! ~Mya and Jackie