Home Sweet Home- Season 1 episode 3

 Finally its here!

  had an envelope. For me. And it said, “Dear Crystal Thomas, you have been formally accepted to join the competing gymnastics team. It is the Soaring Stars Gymnastics. It is a competing team aiming to go to the Olympics in 4 years. Practice is every day except Sunday. I hope to see you there, Coach Layla.” I screamed one last time.I ” can’t believe this Maddy!” I said.

She just smiled and then started giggling. “What’s so funny? Did you know?” I asked shocked. She nodded excitedly. “Mom signed you up.” She explained. “She did! Why?” I asked confused but very excited. “On your profile on the foster care site it said you always wanted to be on a team. It’s your early birthday present.” Explained Maddy. “Wow thanks!” I said.
image2I hugged her.

“Practice starts tomorrow, right?” I asked.  “Yep.” Said maddy. “And you know what that means?!?” She exclaimed. “What?” I said. “Leotard shopping!” She burst.


Sorry this took SOOOO long do get up! I wonder if you guys forgot about this series. And also sorry its so short. The next one will be a little longer! Comment and like if you like this series. Bye!


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