A cute outfit!

2015-11-14 001

Hello everybody! Happy Sunday! Yesterday I went to a craft fair. There was a really cool table with tons of cute doll outfits and accessories. I decided to buy this adorable floral skirt with a matching floral infinity scarf. Grace looks awesome in it! Grace’s top is from Saige’s sweater outfit and the shoes are from Grace’s sight seeing outfit.

2015-11-14 002

Here is up close on the scarf. It is great quality. Grace is so photogenic!

2015-11-14 003

I LOVE the skirt too!

2015-11-14 004


2015-11-14 005

Feet shot!

Well, thanks for reading! I highly recommend Grace before she is gone! She is very photogenic and pretty and you don’t want to miss her! I also recommend going to local craft fairs in you area. There is a good chance they have AG stuff!

Happy Sunday,

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Grace ❀


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