The mini doll adventures- Part 1

-In mini Rebecca’s point of view-

I quietly got up from Julie’s bed and tip toed across the bedroom floor.

I walked where Cecile was laying, in the place her owners last played with her. “The cost is clear.” I whispered. 

She stood up and I told her the plan.  “It is 5:30. Our owners will be up at 7:00. That gives us a hour and a half to explore.” I explained. “Get the others.”

Marie Grace got up and quickly joined us.

Once everyone had gathered around I explained the plan one last time. 3…2…1… Go!

Marie grace found a bakery just her size in Grace’s room.

Ruthie found a TV.

Isabelle liked this nice throne and quickly claimed it.

Emily decided to be an artist for the  morning.

Cecile found a delicious breakfast just for her.

I of course became a cowgirl.

When the alarm went off, everybody scattered back to their places.

 And nobody knew who ate their breakfast.


Comment and tell me if you want more of these! –Mya


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