Home Sweet Home~ Season 1 Episode 4

home sweet home

Episode 4


Maddy and I walked into the small gymnastics boutique.


There was a little stand with leotards, and a cashier at a desk.


Maddy and I walked over to the leotards, ready to explore.


“This will be so hard to decide!” I exclaimed. “I know right!” Maddy agreed.


I looked through the rack. The leotards there were a little too plain.


“I think I want this!” I exclaimed. “Lets check out.” Maddy suggested.


We walked to the cashier and set our purchase on the smooth counter.


The lady carefully smoothed out all the wrinkles and set it in the bag.


We took the bag, paid, and waved good bye. “Thank You!” we said in unity.


That is the end of part 4! The next part is the finale. I am happy this series will be done and I can start a new exciting series! Well see you later,

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