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WordPress did a 2015 report on this blog! Check out the full report above.  Shout out to Samantha from AGDollAwesome! She is my top commenter. Also Tomorrow is her birthday so make she to wish her happy bday on her blog.

And I’m really excited for Lea! I am going to be at her debut so if you happen to be at the same store and you see me with Grace make sure to stop and say hi. Well, talk to you later! Bye!




AG Christmas Haul 2015!

Hello everyone! Today I am showing you my AG Christmas Haul 2015! I am not doing this post to brag, I just thought you might want to know what I got and this post was requested! I am also thankful for everything. Lets get started!

2015-12-26 001

Here is an overview! First I will start with Truly Me, Our Generation, and AG Crafts:

2015-12-26 002

First I got the Truly Me pizza party set from my brother! I cant wait to use this!

2015-12-26 003

Next I got the Truly Me guitar from my grandma! This is going to be for Saige. Thanks Grandma!

2015-12-26 004

Here I have the Truly Me doll tees activity set. This was from my mom’s friend.

2015-12-26 005

Next I have a AG craft! This was from my cousins.

2015-12-26 006

My brother also gave me this really cute Our Generation Outfit!

2015-12-26 007

I got this mini Lori outfit from my other brother. It fits mini Rebecca perfectly!

Grace Items:

2015-12-26 008

In my stocking I got Bon Bon! He is super cute!

2015-12-26 009

My grandma got me Grace’s pajamas! Thank you grandma!

2015-12-26 010

My parents got me Grace’s City Outfit! I love it!

2015-12-26 011

I got Grace’s Opening Night Outfit! It was from my brother.

2015-12-26 012

I also got the Grace movie in my stocking!

Now Beforever!

2015-12-26 013

Next in my stocking I got Julie’s old accessories!

2015-12-26 014

I got Kit’s reporter set from my parents.

2015-12-26 015

My uncle got me Caroline’s pajamas!

2015-12-26 016

My uncle also gave me Caroline’s accessories!

2015-12-26 017

Then I got Caroline from my parents! I love her!

2015-12-26 019

My grandpa gave me this AG Santa outfit! Yay!

That is my haul! I am grateful for everything! I hope you had a great Christmas. Bye! Love,

pig awesome 1

Merry Christmas!!!

Guys!!! It’s Christmas! I can’t believe it! I have had a great day so far and I hope you have had a great day too. I got a new doll! Here is an overview picture of what I got so far:  

And I didn’t get Grace or mini Rebecca. I am just using them as models for all the new outfits I got today.  I am extremely thankful for everything. And I did get Caroline! I am very happy. I will post more about her later.

Remember, Jesus is the reason for everything! He made us and he is the reason we even celebrate Christmas. Have a merry Christmas! Love,

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Infinity Dreams Award!

Infinity Dreams Award

Hello! I am doing the Infinity Dreams Award! I was nominated by Loren (Since she nominated anyone who had siblings.) and I am going to get started! Here are the rules:

Thank the blog that nominated you.
Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.
Here are my 11 facts!
  1. I am a Christian
  2. There are 4 girls in my class counting me
  3. I LOVE pigs!
  4. I also love cats!
  5. I like to read and draw
  6. I am on a gymnastics team and I compete
  7. I am in level 3 in gymnastics
  8. I love hot chocolate
  9. My favorite ice cream is cookie dough
  10. I love winter and fall and summer and spring! I can’t choose a favorite!
  11. I have 2 pet fish

Those are my facts! Now I will answer the questions!

Which do you prefer: pens or pencils? Pens! Especially gel pens!
 What is the first word you think of when you see the letter X? xylophone
What color is your room? Pink and purple
Do you play any sports? Yes! I am on a gymnastics team and I compete in meets. I am in level 3.
Thanks for nominating me Loren! I nominate:
That’s it! Here are my questions for these bloggers:
Do you have any pets?
What is your favorite color?
If you could make up a Girl of the Year doll what would she be like?
What is your favorite kind of cookie?
Thanks for reading my post! AND THREE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!! I CANT WAIT! Well, Bye!
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New Blog signature


5 days till Christmas!!

I wish it would snow…

Anyway, I made a new signature! I will put it at the end of this post. I am working on my doll house tour Christmas edition, so hopefully that will be up soon. I put up lights and a tree for the doll house and I think it looks very merry! Oh, and thanks for 54 followers! Here is a bonus picture:

2015-08-24 018

I think it turned out pretty cool. Well bye!

pig awesome 1

(This is the signature! Its so awesome!)

Secret Santa~ A Photo Story

Hello! Sorry it has been more than a week since I posted. I had a busy weekend. I have a photo story  for you today. Enjoy!

2015-11-26 017

McKenna gathered the whole family in one room. There were whispers about why they were gathered going around the room.

2015-11-26 018

McKenna cleared her throat to get everybody’s attention. “You are probably wondering why I called you all here. This year, we are doing Secret Santa. It is where everybody pulls a name out of the bowl and whoever they get, they buy Christmas presents for. Oh, and nobody can look when they draw a name and you cant tell anybody who you got.” McKenna explained.

2015-11-26 019

“Here is the bowl. You can start.” McKenna stated.

2015-11-26 021

2015-11-26 022

Anna chose first, and she drew Elsa.

2015-11-26 023

2015-11-26 024

Next, Elsa drew a name. She got Cecile.

2015-11-26 025

Isabelle got Julie.

2015-11-26 026

2015-11-26 027

Jackie got Saige.

2015-11-26 028

Julie drew Anna.

2015-11-26 029

Grace drew Isabelle.

2015-11-26 030

Cecile drew McKenna.

2015-11-26 031

Saige drew Jackie.

2015-11-26 033

And McKenna drew Grace.

2015-11-26 035

Have you ever done Secret Santa?

Btw, here is my dolls’ digital Christmas card!

PicMonkey Collage

You can find it on my side bar. Comment down bellow if you want to swap!

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