Secret Santa~ A Photo Story

Hello! Sorry it has been more than a week since I posted. I had a busy weekend. I have a photo story  for you today. Enjoy!

2015-11-26 017

McKenna gathered the whole family in one room. There were whispers about why they were gathered going around the room.

2015-11-26 018

McKenna cleared her throat to get everybody’s attention. “You are probably wondering why I called you all here. This year, we are doing Secret Santa. It is where everybody pulls a name out of the bowl and whoever they get, they buy Christmas presents for. Oh, and nobody can look when they draw a name and you cant tell anybody who you got.” McKenna explained.

2015-11-26 019

“Here is the bowl. You can start.” McKenna stated.

2015-11-26 021

2015-11-26 022

Anna chose first, and she drew Elsa.

2015-11-26 023

2015-11-26 024

Next, Elsa drew a name. She got Cecile.

2015-11-26 025

Isabelle got Julie.

2015-11-26 026

2015-11-26 027

Jackie got Saige.

2015-11-26 028

Julie drew Anna.

2015-11-26 029

Grace drew Isabelle.

2015-11-26 030

Cecile drew McKenna.

2015-11-26 031

Saige drew Jackie.

2015-11-26 033

And McKenna drew Grace.

2015-11-26 035

Have you ever done Secret Santa?

Btw, here is my dolls’ digital Christmas card!

PicMonkey Collage

You can find it on my side bar. Comment down bellow if you want to swap!

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