Two new sisters- A photostory

 ~McKenna’s point of view~


It was a dark, cold, winter night. Two girls approached the doorstep of the Brook’s house and knocked.

When I heard, I rushed to open the door. “We’ve been expecting you. Come in, please.” I said hurriedly.

The two girls stepped inside, both shivering. Their fingers started getting less numb when they were submerged by the warmth of the house.

“I’m Caroline. I love to read. And I am 9 years old.” The girl with blond curly locks said. I reached out my hand to shake hers. “I’m McKenna.” I said.

“I’m Mia. And I love ice skating! And I am 8 years old.” Said the girl with red hair and freckles. I nodded. “And your McKenna.” She said.

We stood there a bit longer and chatted.

“Here. Come out of the entryway and go see the rooms. There you can meet all the sisters.” I instructed. The girls nodded and followed me.


“I’m so glad you are adopting both of us. We are so happy to have a home.” Said Mia. I smiled warmly at them.

The family gathered around and got to know the new sisters.

“Thanks again for everything.” Caroline said gratefully. “We’re glad your here.” I said.

Next I escorted them to my room. “Caroline you will be sleeping on the bottom bunk. I sleep on the top bunk because this room is mine. But make yourself comfortable because it is now yours, too.” I said.

Caroline flopped down on her bed and threw her bag aside.

Next I faced Mia. “We actually don’t have a room for you yet- Or a bed. But we will work something out. You can sleep on my top bunk tonight.” I said. She looked thankful.

Not only did we get two new sisters, but we had a great night.

You guys new I got Caroline for Christmas, so hats not a surprise.  “SINCE WEN DID YOU HAVE MIA?!” You may be wondering. Well, I actually got her yesterday. Someone was selling her on craigslist with retired outfits for a great price. So I got her! She is super pretty and came in good condition. The seller also had Lanie, but I chose Mia. Welcome home Mia!

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Snow and AGTube!!!

Hi guys! It finally snowed! I managed to get some pictures which I am about to show you. Also exciting news at the end! Enjoy!

2016-01-09 001

2016-01-09 002

2016-01-09 003

2016-01-09 004

2016-01-09 005

2016-01-09 006

2016-01-09 007

2016-01-09 008

2016-01-09 009

2016-01-09 010

2016-01-09 011

2016-01-09 012

2016-01-09 013

2016-01-09 014

2016-01-09 015

2016-01-09 016

2016-01-09 017

2016-01-09 018

2016-01-09 019

2016-01-09 020

2016-01-09 021

2016-01-09 022

2016-01-09 023

2016-01-09 028

2016-01-09 029

2016-01-09 030

2016-01-09 031

2016-01-09 032

2016-01-09 036

2016-01-09 037

2016-01-09 038

2016-01-09 041

2016-01-09 042

2016-01-09 043

 Did you like it? It was kind of long… 😀

Now for the very exciting News!


I MADE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! An AG Tube to be exact 🙂

I am so excited! My channel is: AG Lane 123 Studios

Please go over there and subscribe! I would really be happy if you did. Go here to see my channel. Also my BFF made an AG channel! You can see hers here and also please subscribe to her! And the BFF I am talking about is 8dolldreams. I have posted about her on here before. Bye! Love,

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 Well, if you made it this far comment: Pigs are awesome!

A Photoshoot of Caroline

2016-01-02 001

I really like this picture! And is that bokeh?

2016-01-02 002

2016-01-02 003

2016-01-02 004

Eek! I love her curls!

2016-01-02 005

2016-01-02 006

2016-01-02 007

2016-01-02 008

2016-01-02 009

This is her profile picture!

2016-01-02 010

Her beautiful aqua-marine eyes!

2016-01-02 011

That’s the end of this photo shoot! I feel like these photos turned out really well. Did you like the focus? I did. And I just love Caroline!

Oh! And I added Caroline to meet my AG dolls! Here is the link:

Meet My AG Dolls

Thanks for reading! And BTW its actually snowing outside while I type this! Finally! Its sticking!!! Love,

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My 2 year Blogsiversary!

Hello! Happy new year!

Today, two years ago, I made this blog.

I cant believe its been so long. Here are a few achievements I’ve made since I started this blog.


Visitors: 2,254

Views: 9,806

Posts: 228

More than 500 likes

Comments: 998 (2 more people comment and I will be at 1,000!)

Thanks guys! I wouldn’t have gotten this far without your support. I hope 2016 will be a great blogging year! Love,

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