Snow and AGTube!!!

Hi guys! It finally snowed! I managed to get some pictures which I am about to show you. Also exciting news at the end! Enjoy!

2016-01-09 001

2016-01-09 002

2016-01-09 003

2016-01-09 004

2016-01-09 005

2016-01-09 006

2016-01-09 007

2016-01-09 008

2016-01-09 009

2016-01-09 010

2016-01-09 011

2016-01-09 012

2016-01-09 013

2016-01-09 014

2016-01-09 015

2016-01-09 016

2016-01-09 017

2016-01-09 018

2016-01-09 019

2016-01-09 020

2016-01-09 021

2016-01-09 022

2016-01-09 023

2016-01-09 028

2016-01-09 029

2016-01-09 030

2016-01-09 031

2016-01-09 032

2016-01-09 036

2016-01-09 037

2016-01-09 038

2016-01-09 041

2016-01-09 042

2016-01-09 043

 Did you like it? It was kind of long… 😀

Now for the very exciting News!


I MADE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! An AG Tube to be exact 🙂

I am so excited! My channel is: AG Lane 123 Studios

Please go over there and subscribe! I would really be happy if you did. Go here to see my channel. Also my BFF made an AG channel! You can see hers here and also please subscribe to her! And the BFF I am talking about is 8dolldreams. I have posted about her on here before. Bye! Love,

pig awesome 1

 Well, if you made it this far comment: Pigs are awesome!


25 thoughts on “Snow and AGTube!!!

  1. The pictures were amazing! It snowed for the first time where I live yesterday. I don’t have an account to subscribe to YouTube yet, but I’ll sit I’ll check out your videos!

  2. Ooh! Lovely photography, Mya!
    I bet you are very excited for your YouTube channel! I don’t really watch YouTube, but I hope your videos are a success!

    Pigs are awesome! At least the pig in your sign-off is. Big hairy farm hogs are not awesome. XD

  3. Oops that last comment was supposed to be from me but got posted as you commenting on your own blog. Sorry everyone. I didn’t change users and sign in so I wrote the above comments.

  4. I’ll try again. I really liked these pictures and did not think there were too many, as you mentioned in the beginning. I think Mary Ellen’s ear muffs are adorable and I enjoy seeing the hairstyles from the back also.

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