Two new sisters- A photostory

 ~McKenna’s point of view~


It was a dark, cold, winter night. Two girls approached the doorstep of the Brook’s house and knocked.

When I heard, I rushed to open the door. “We’ve been expecting you. Come in, please.” I said hurriedly.

The two girls stepped inside, both shivering. Their fingers started getting less numb when they were submerged by the warmth of the house.

“I’m Caroline. I love to read. And I am 9 years old.” The girl with blond curly locks said. I reached out my hand to shake hers. “I’m McKenna.” I said.

“I’m Mia. And I love ice skating! And I am 8 years old.” Said the girl with red hair and freckles. I nodded. “And your McKenna.” She said.

We stood there a bit longer and chatted.

“Here. Come out of the entryway and go see the rooms. There you can meet all the sisters.” I instructed. The girls nodded and followed me.


“I’m so glad you are adopting both of us. We are so happy to have a home.” Said Mia. I smiled warmly at them.

The family gathered around and got to know the new sisters.

“Thanks again for everything.” Caroline said gratefully. “We’re glad your here.” I said.

Next I escorted them to my room. “Caroline you will be sleeping on the bottom bunk. I sleep on the top bunk because this room is mine. But make yourself comfortable because it is now yours, too.” I said.

Caroline flopped down on her bed and threw her bag aside.

Next I faced Mia. “We actually don’t have a room for you yet- Or a bed. But we will work something out. You can sleep on my top bunk tonight.” I said. She looked thankful.

Not only did we get two new sisters, but we had a great night.

You guys new I got Caroline for Christmas, so hats not a surprise.  “SINCE WEN DID YOU HAVE MIA?!” You may be wondering. Well, I actually got her yesterday. Someone was selling her on craigslist with retired outfits for a great price. So I got her! She is super pretty and came in good condition. The seller also had Lanie, but I chose Mia. Welcome home Mia!

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