Chores! AGSM

YAY! A stop motion! I hope you enjoy it! I am also currently filming another stop motion, that is a lot smoother (So far).  I spent lots of time on this one, so I hope you like it. Bye!

pig awesome 1


McKenna’s Evening Routine

Here is McKenna’s evening routine! I hope you enjoy this video! The reason I have not been posting a lot is because since I am out of space, it is kind of a long process to upload photos. So I haven’t been feeling motivated to post a photo story or anything because it seems like a really long process to upload the photos. I might post a photoshoot later today, but I don’t know. And I have lost two followers since May 28. Yeah. Well, Bye!

pig awesome 1

Secret Message time! If you read this, comment: I love French fries! 😀