Opening a New AG Doll!

MERRY late CHRISTMAS!!! I got a new doll for Christmas! Please welcome Sophie Elizabeth Foster to the family. Yep, she’s from KOTLC! I am going to get her a new wig so she looks exactly like Sophie.

What did you get for Christmas?

pig awesome 1


53 thoughts on “Opening a New AG Doll!

      • What? How are you Sophitz? Sophitz is just WRONG. Keefe is the best!!! And SoKeefe has had more moments than Sophitz. Fitz just thinks of her as a little sister! Cool about her being #53.

      • You’re asking for it now. First of all, SOPHITZ is perfect. Fitz is the one that found Sophie and brought her to the Lost Cities. Sophie has always liked Fitz, ever since she met him. Fitz thought of her as a little sister at first, but that was years ago. Now their relationship is stronger, they’re older, and they’re cognates. And Fitz said he was waiting 2 years or his matchmaking list. He said that because by then Sophie will be registered so she can be on his list. Fitz is way more trustworthy than Keefe. Keefe went to join the Neverseen! Even if he was faking to find out information, he was still putting Sophie in danger. And Foster Keefe has no moments that are romantic. Fitz was abut to kiss Sophie! That’s more proof that he likes her and we already know that Sophie likes him, so they’re meant to be.

      • Keefe almost kissed Sophie, like, three times!!! Ok, maybe just two. Once in Neverseen, once in Exile. Plus, Keefe did everything he could to keep Sophie safe-the extra crystal, giving her his cloak. Plus, it’s like they are both broken inside but they hold each other together. The window slumber parties! Sophie taking down all the notes in his room! Her not being able to deny that he’s cute! Plus, Fitz is too old for her. Keefe is only one year older than her, and Fitz is two. They’re no even true cognates yet! Fitz thought of Sophie like a little sister, nothing more. Also, are you eight or something? You sound really young in your videos. SoKeefe for life!!!!!!

      • All those things you said are COMPLETELY untrue. I cannot recall a single time Sophie and Keefe almost kissed, so please tell me which book and the page number. And they are just friends, nothing more than that. How is Fitz too old again? Fitz said his mom and dad are hundreds of years apart. And love has no age limit. And no, I am not eight, I’m probably older than you. I speed up my videos a lot to make them shorter, that’s why my voice sounds really high sometimes. It’s called editing.πŸ˜‰

  1. Congrats! I love #53 and I hope to add her to my collection eventually (maybe 2017,) I love to see people open new AG dolls! She is very cute! I also got a new AG doll for Christmas! πŸ™‚ Bella
    ps: Did you think you can do a Christmas Haul post or video?

  2. She looks so much like Sophie! That’s is so cool that you have a fandom doll! β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜€. I got your letter and the awesome poster is hanging on the dolls’ wall right now! I love the bracelet too, and I really hope you get my letter soon, I mailed it on Christmas Eve so it should come in a few days….
    Thank you so much Mya, and I hope Sophie fits in with the family! I’m SO EXCITED FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!

    • I know right! I can’t wait to get her a new wig so they look identical. But I also love the one she has now. I am so glad you like my letter! I really hope I get yours soon. HAPPY EARLY BDAY I HOPE IT IS AMAZING!!!

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