Valentine’s Day Expectations V.S. Reality (COLLAB W/ SAMANTHA!)

Hello everyone! Today, Samantha and I are doing a Valentine’s Day themed collab together. We are doing a Valentine’s Day Expectation V.S. Reality AG edition. So let’s get started!

#1- Decorating the House for Valentine’s Day:



“Woah, my decorations look so good,” Grace breathed as she looked around her home. Food was scattered about a table and a vibrant banner hung on the creamy beige walls. “I’m so excited for my annual Valentine’s Day party, so all my friends can admire my work!”



“Well, uh, I guess I’m done decorating for Valentine’s day…”   Grace sighed a breath of relief as she realized there was no way anyone would expect her to create some sort of Valentine’s day wonderland or anything…

#2- Making Valentine’s



“There. This looks perfect!” McKenna exclaimed as she doodled another heart on her valentine. “I know Saige will love it. It looks really pretty, and didn’t even take that long!”



“I made these Valentines for Valentine’s day for my sisters.”


“I believe my artistic and creative skills will disappoint them…”

#3- Making Heartfelt Cupcakes



Grace carefully mixed the cupcake batter she had made from scratch for her 7th grade homeroom.


She carefully filled the cupcake molds, and slid them in the oven.


She frosted them with care, and for a little sparkle, added sprinkles!


“I can’t wait for my friends to taste my famous chocolate and vanilla cupcakes!”


“Ugh, I can’t believe I have to make cupcakes for the Valentine’s day party tomorrow. Like anyone has time for that!” Jackie groaned. “Wait a second, I have an even better idea!”

“I could just buy some!”

#4- Dressing All Pink



“It’s Valentines Day!  What should I wear?”, Paisley asked herself as she looked over her pink wardrobe in her fuzzy pink pajamas.


“Perfecto!”  She had chosen a gorgeous pink dress, with pink shoes to complete the outfit!



“Today is Valentine’s Day. Hmm, what should I wear?” Sophie thought to herself, surveying her pink filled closet.

“This looks perfect.” Sophie smiled to herself, pulling out a gray top with blue jeans.

#5- Valentine’s Day Party



“I’m so glad you all could come to my party!” Grace said enthusiastically as she ushered her group of friends into her home.  “I worked really hard on everything.”

“Wow, this looks great, Grace! You really outdid yourself.” Kaya exclaimed, gently resting her hand on Grace’s shoulder.

“I agree. This food is delicious!” Lea chimed in as she added another macaroon to her plate.



Hehe, blast from the past! This picture is from last year’s V-day post!

“Well, uh… I guess all my guests are NOT single…”

Grace sighed, as she looked at the party she had set up so carefully and wondered why she was STILL single…

#6- Pigging Out on Party Treats



Paisley rolled in her glittery array of delicious pink treats, in honor of Valentines Day!


Her 3rd grade class had bought what seemed like THREE MILLION treats from bakeries, stores, and ovens in their own homes!


Paisley and her stomach had a fantastic day together ahead of them.


“All this food looks so food looks so good.” Sighed Cecile wistfully as she glanced at the table full of sugar coated treats. “But I’m on a diet right now, and this will ruin all of my work if I eat a lot.”

“So I guess this will have to do.” She mumbled, placing two bite sized pastries on her plate.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Samantha and I worked really hard on it. Totally go follow her blog if you haven’t already! She is a really sweet blogger and friend. 😀 Thanks for reading!

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