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Anyways, I used all three prompts! This story I wrote will be continued for the next challenge. Go team Half-Blood! In honor of our team, this is a PJO fanfic.  😉

Ever since I was young, I had been able to see the monsters. Sure, I sound like a schizophrenic. But trust me, you shouldn’t even try to understand. Your mind isn’t capable of comprehending the truth that is hidden under the Mist. 

My name is Hadley Peters. And this is Everything I wanted to say but Never Did. 

I walked through the forest, my eyes widening in curiosity. I wanted to go on adventure, to find a secret place in the woods that would be my safe place. A place I could go to escape all my troubles. Where I could be away from the monsters. 

The monsters were in all different forms, from people-like demons to dragons, to a beast with a lion’s body with the head of a vampire woman. No, I can’t explain what they are or where they come from. But I do know that I’m the only one that can see them. 

I entered a clearing, and beamed when I saw a beautiful garden before me. Lush bushes with flowers perched among their branches frame the marble statue of a Greek woman bending over to tend the flowers. Pillars rise up around it and hold up a delicate roof to the gazebo. I smiled and stepped forward. 

I decided to sit down near the statue and begin writing in my journal. I could never tell anyone else about the monsters. They wouldn’t be able to understand. Sometimes, I cry myself to sleep wishing there was someone who understood me. For once everything is peaceful. But not for long. 

The sound of a bloodthirsty screech snaps me back into my surroundings. An enormous beast slithered into the garden, wrapping itself around the gazebo. It had scales and the body of a large snake. It’s fork-shaped tongue hung out of it’s open mouth and acidic saliva poured out onto the grass, scorching a patch of land. 

I screamed and fled, grabbing my sword from the hedge where I had thrown it. Don’t ask where I got the sword. Let’s just say I started fencing as an excuse to get the weapon. 

I grasped onto the hilt and faced the reptile. It looked at me with menacing eyes and I lunged forward to stab it in the neck. It screeched and I took the chance to run. 

I ran without knowing where I was going, but I eventually made it to a bus stop. A bus pulled over on the curb and I jumped in and headed toward the back. Hopefully I had slowed down the monster a bit. I glanced around. The bus was packed. But what I saw made me fear for my life. The three rows in front of me were all filled with demon monsters. Right on cue, there all turned to stare at me with their beady eyes. I was trapped. 

To Be Continued 


Jacklyn Brooks ~AGPS~

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