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The Pen-pal Journey of Mya and Sam {COLLAB W/ Sam}

Hey! Today I’m posting a collab by me and the lovely Sam!

In the P.O.V. of Sam

I opened up the random generator on my computer, and copied all the names of my contest entries into the program. Whoever’s name was randomly chosen when I pressed ‘Generate Winner’ would be the winner of my contest.

I sucked in a breath and pressed generate. I squeezed my eyes shut and then opened them to see who the winner was.

“Hey, the winner is Mya!” I exclaimed. We had been blogging friends for a few months, but I hadn’t expected her to be chosen.

After emailing her to get her address, I hurried to address an envelope with her name. I was very excited, because this was my first time hosting a giveaway!

I dropped a small note that I wrote into the envelope and hesitated before adding Twila’s signature at the bottom.

And finally, I put in the dress she had won.

Then, I went to put the envelope in the mailbox, not realizing what a journey this one letter would bring.


One week later

One week later, I ran into my room with a smile on my face. I had received a letter from Mya in return, and was excited to see what it said.

I plopped down on the floor and got ready to read it.

I read the letter and smiled. Getting mail from an online friend was pretty fun!

I wrote a letter in response, asking the question, “Do you want to be pen-pals?”.

Finally, I finished the letter and sent it off.

I decided to tape her letter on the wall, and if she wanted to be pen-pals, I would display her letters there.

Just a week later, I received a letter in the mail from Mya. She wanted to be pen-pals! I smiled. I had a real pen-pal!

After being pen-pals for over two years, we took our friendship to another level and began filming videos of ourselves opening each other’s packages and letters.

“Thanks for the package, Mya!” I said. Then I stopped the video.

I uploaded the video to my laptop and emailed it to her.

To this day, two years later, we still send each other letters, emails, and videos. We hope to meet up this summer, and our lives have been changed by this friendship that began with two girls who loved blogging about their dolls.

Did you like it? This is the story of Samantha and I’s friendship! Check out her blog for the next part!

Blogiversary GIVEAWAY

Hey! I know I’ve been absent lately, but it’s the end of the school year so I’m almost done with school! I will post a lot more in the summer. Anyways, go check out Sam’s giveaway for 2 years on WordPress! She is my bbff and is super sweet. Good luck to those who enter!

You Could Win.... (1)

Hey everyone!

Ok, time for A GIVEAWAY!


For this particular giveaway, the prize is something my GRANDMA sewed!  That’s pretty special, she worked really, REALLY hard, and I’m so excited that one of my followers will be winning it!


This is the dress one of you can win!


It has the Agdollawesome logo attached permanately, and all the edges are pressed and seamed!  The sleeves are just below the elbow.


The skirt falls just above the knee, very gracefully, I must add!  XD


It secures very easily in teh back with Velcro, and fits PERFECTLY on your doll!


Paisley look so cute in it, but it’s sure to look Fabulous on any doll!

And the best part is… Whoever wins will be twinning with me, because I have a matching one!

I hope you’re excited!  This dress is one of a kind, and made by one of the best seamstresses…

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