Meet my AG dolls

McKenna Brooks



name : McKenna Brooklynn Brooks

type of doll: AG GOTY 2012

age : 12

birthday : December 25

nickname : Kenna

Favorite colors: purple and turquoise

Sport : gymnastics

doll: Mini Emily

Saige Brooks

2016-01-31 004

name : Saige Auburn Brooks

nickname: none

type of doll: AG GOTY 2013

birthday: July 29

age: 11

Sport : horse back riding

hobby : painting

favorite color : Blue

doll : mini Ruthie

Isabelle Brooks

2016-01-09 001

Name : Isabelle Noel Brooks

nick name : Izzy , Bella

type of doll: AG GOTY 2014

birthday: April 2

age: 9 

Sport : dance

Hobby : sewing/designing

Favorite color : coral (pink)

Doll: mini Izzy

Cecile Brooks


Name : Cecile Amelia Brooks

nick name : Cece

type of doll: AG Historical Character

birthday: July 29

age: 11

sport : takes cello lessons and voice lessons

hobby : attending balls and tea party’s

favorite color : blue

doll : mini Cecile

Jacklyn Brooks



Name: Jacklyn Eleanor Brooks

nickname: Jackie

type of doll: AG Truly Me #61

birthday: January 2

age: 10

sport: gymnastics

hobbies: playing with animals and going outside

favorite color: orange

doll: mini Marie-Grace

Juliet Brooks

2015-08-24 018


name: Juliet Esther Brooks

nick names: Julie; Julia; Jules

type of doll: AG Historical Character

birthday: April 5

age: 10

sport: basketball and soccer

hobbies: riding skateboards and shooting baskets with her basketball

favorite color: neon green and orange

doll: mini Rebecca

Grace Brooks

2015-10-24 069 

Name: Grace Jamie Brooks

Nickname: sometimes Gracie

Type of Doll: AG GOTY 2015

Birthday: September 17

Age: 10

Sport: bike riding

Hobbies: Baking! And going to Paris (Her home town)

Favorite colors: Red, Pink, Aqua, and Black

Doll: Maryellen

Caroline Brooks

2016-01-02 009


name : Caroline Rose Brooks 

nickname: Carrie

type of doll: AG Historical Character

birthday: March 15

age: 9

Sport : none (She makes up for doing no sports because she has so many hobbies!)

hobby : Reading, Writing, and Vintage Photography

favorite color :  mint green!

doll : none

Mia Brooks

2016-01-24 001


name : Mia Hope Brooks 

nickname: None

type of doll: AG GOTY 2008

birthday: January 23

age: 8

Sport : Ice Skating

hobby : Playing in the snow, playing with dolls, playing with My Little Pony

favorite color :  baby blue

doll : none

Lea Clark

name : Lea April Clark

nickname: Cricket

type of doll: AG GOTY 2016

birthday: February 20 

age: 11

Sport : Swimming

hobby : Taking pictures, going to the beach, kayaking, and EVERYTHING that has to do with animals 

favorite color :  Neon Green

doll : Mini Lea

Sophie Foster


Name: Sophie Elizabeth Foster

Nickname: Foster (But only Keefe calls her this)

Type of doll: Custom AG Doll (#53 with a #27 wig)

Birthday: July 31

Age: 14

School: Foxfire 

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends and family, practicing her abilities, playing Base Quest.

Best Friends: Fitz, Dex, Keefe, Biana, Linh, and Tam

Abilities: Telepath, polyglot, inflictor, teleporter, and enhancer.

Favorite color: teal and red






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