My entry’s for CWWC

Challenge 1.

I woke up to the sound of a knock on the door. I crawled out of bed and walked down the creaky stairs. There was the sound of feet padding away. I opened the door slowly and saw a painting on the door step, sitting nicely inside a gold frame. There was a sticky note on the back. It said: “Touch the painting, push on through, and go to the land you never knew.” I stood there awkwardly not knowing how to react. I lifted up the painting and went inside, locking the door behind me. I went into my attick bedroom and sat there looking at the painting. I touched it and looked to see what was the next part of the riddle. Push on through. I touched the painting again, closed my eyes, and pushed through. I felt dizzy, as though I were spinning. I was in a whole new world. I was surrounded by beauty. And it was perfect.

Challenge 4

*I used all the prompts*

“We’re just kids. We aren’t supposed to be heroes.” Jenna said quickly when the news reporter asked the group of middle school friends to continue to save the town. “Well then tell us the story again of how you saved the city. I think it was only an act of a true group of heroes.” The news reporter said, but more in a tone that he, like a child, wanted to hear again.

This time Scarlet decided to do the speaking. “Well it started one day where me and my friends went to the factory where they would can foods and process them. My friends and I used to go there all the time, and one of the workers would give us a can or two to donate to charity. It had been a while since we had gone. We had a school project where we had to collect cans, so we decided to go to the factory again. We went on our bikes, just like the good old days. When we got there, I told Jenna that she should go and ask while we wait with our bikes. She climbed over the fence, being careful of where she placed her foot. When she got to the other side, she ran through the rocks and to the building. After she was already at the door of the factory, I noticed a “private property” sign. I was sure the employees would remember us and wouldn’t mind at all. Soon, it had been awhile so we went in to see what was taking so long. We got to the door, breathing in the smokey air. Peter put his ear to the door, but didn’t hear anything besides pounding hammers. We turned the corner and into the alley. There sat Jenna, huddled up in the corner. Her mouth was tied shut, her legs bound with rope. We quickly pulled the bandana off her mouth and asked her what happened.” Scarlet was cut short when Jenna spoke up for herself.

“I walked up to the metal door of the factory, and there was no response. I put my ear to the door and heard a low voice talking about getting the weapons ready. They were planning to attack our little town in Iowa. I tried to run but they caught me. They asked me what I was doing in their property and I explained that I didn’t mean any harm. See, I know he wasn’t listening because he used the word indeed, like, five times. He said ‘indeed’ in a sarcastic voice like I was a guilty spy. He tied me up and put me in the little alley because they didn’t want me to call the police.” Jenna explained.

Then, it was Peter’s turn to speak. “Jenna finished explaining and we ran to our bikes. We quickly rode away, and hid behind a few bushes while we called the police. A few minutes later, the police showed up.

We told them what happened and they took the guys making weapons to jail. The reporters came, and that leads up to now.” Peter finished off the story and left the reporters standing in awe. “Well, if we ever need this group of heroes again, we will be sure to let you know.” The reporter informed the teens with a wink. They thought it was the last time the would save the town, but this was just the beginning.

Challenge 5

*I used all the prompts*

I put on my armor ready for a new journey. I needed to get out of this town. It was a danger. I knew their plan. They were just going to capture all the citizens and take all their money away. My name is Destiny. My name means determined, and I am determined to save our people. I got in my black armor, ready for the journey ahead of me. I had a mask, and a sword for protection. My bright blue eyes peered out of my mask. I grabbed a sack of things I would need. A canteen of water, a loaf of bread and a fleece jacket. I grabbed my bag and turned around, looking back at my dark, empty room. I took a strip of paper and wrote on it: I will be back soon.

I got my sword to a place I could easily grab it. The streets weren’t safe at night. They were cluttered with guards, making sure nobody escaped. All they wanted was our money and our freedom. I stepped out the back door. I looked back at the small, two-room hut. I gingerly closed the door and crawled out into the dark street. I heard a scream of a child, trying to escape. I peeked around the corner and saw a guard grabbing the young boy and taking him to the dungeon. I shuddered at the thought. I was fourteen, so I had a better chance of getting out than that nine year old did. I stepped out from behind my house, stealthily. My heart was racing. Would they catch me? I ran to a tree and climbed up it. I got to the top, and crawled on a branch so I was right over the gate. I counted to three and jumped, and I landed right behind the gate. I was off the property where they kept us, and I was free. My day dream was interrupted by the sound of shouting. The guards were running straight at me. I ran for my life, my bare feet thumping along the rocky ground. I got to the woods and hid in a cave. I listened for them, to check if the coast was clear. “If we find her, we will hand her over to the king and he can decide if she will live.” Shouted a guard. “Let’s go back to the castle and get more guards and find out the reward for her.” Another guard said. I gasped quietly. Luckily they didn’t hear me. I sat there for a few minutes, waiting to see if they left. I looked around the corner and they were gone. I decided I better get some rest before I kept moving. I woke up to the sound a bird chirping. I was freezing. There was a layer of snow on the ground, and the cave was ice cold. I grabbed my fleece jacket and put it on under my armor. I stepped out of the cave after eating a few bites of bread. The trees were sprinkled with snow. I started walking. All that I knew was I was looking for my uncle. He wasn’t ever captured, and he was living in a house on stilts in the ocean. He promised to come back and try to help, but that was a year ago, and he never had come. I was looking for him now because our people who were being trapped in this little town that needed help. Our little town was the Kings property, and we were pretty much his property too. We needed so much help I decided to go get help myself. I walked for about five hours and found an ocean. It wasn’t icy or snowy where I was now, but it was still freezing. I found a canoe, and I pushed it into the water and got in. “Maybe this is the ocean where uncle Ben is…” I thought. I rowed out onto the silky water. After about an hour, I got tired. Maybe I would go a few more minutes. I rowed forward. The sun was setting. The moon was reflecting off the water, creating a purple effect. Then I spotted it. It was a wooden house on stilts. I drew nearer and mounted off the boat. I walked on the squishy sand and climbed up the ladder.

I gasped. There was a paper taped to the wooden door. It read: “Destiny, I am sorry I couldn’t help you. This time you need to be the hero. Don’t give up hope. Love, Uncle Ben.” A tear trickled down my cheek. I had come all this way for nothing. I turned around sadly and made my journey back. The next day, I drew near to the gate of the kingdom. Things looked worse. The small village looked dark and dreary. In the middle of all the huts there was a wanted sign stamped onto a stone wall. It said: “Wanted Dead or Alive

Destiny Andrews 


Reward: 100 bits.”

At the sight of the sign I ducked into the shadows, my heart beating wildly. I crawled under the medal fence and scattered into an alley. I felt safe for only a moment when I heard footsteps behind me. I opened my mouth to let out a scream when a hand clasped over my mouth. It was a girl who looked my age. She had black hair tied up in a pony tail. She had bright green eyes and was wearing an all black jacket, jeans, combat boots and fingerless gloves. She lifted her hand off my mouth and grabbed my wrist. “What are you thinking? You are going to get yourself caught!” She scolded me in a whisper. “Let go of me! I’m never going to the king!” I warned. “I’m not sending you to the king. I’m trying to help you. My name is Rey. I help people like you stay safe and I help hide runaways in my hut. I’m not gonna hurt you.” She said steadily. “I’m Destiny.” I told her. “I know. Your the most wanted runaway. There are signs all over the village. Let me take you to my hiding place.” Rey said. I nodded and followed her to a stone hut in the back of the village. We got there and she showed me where I would hide. Then it hit me. My mom was still in my hut. I hadn’t seen her in four days. She must be so worried. I rushed onto the dark road and took the alleyway path back behind the houses. I made it to my home and tried to open the door. There were wooden planks nailed over the door. I went in the secret entry in the back. The house was empty and dark. The table was laying on the floor. The chair was shredded into a few chunks lying beside the table. I gasped in regret. Nothing would have ever happened if I would have stayed here. I went back outside and walked to the dungeon. It was up on a dark hill, shadows sprawled out around it. I gulped. I wouldn’t get caught, but I’d find out if Mom was there. I reached the top of the hill and snuck around the back. I peered into the square window that was barred closed. There was the boy that I saw when I was leaving the village for the first time, lying on the stone floor, his arms chained together. He was sleeping. I looked in the next window. Just a stranger, probably somebody who attempted to run away also. I checked the next few windows. Mom wasn’t there. I was about to give up hope but I decided to check one more cell. My mom was there. She was sitting on a bench. She looked tired. “Mom!” I whispered. “Mom turned around. Excitement filled her worried eyes when she saw me. “Is that you, Destiny?” She asked. “Yes! I responded. “What happened? How are you not caught?” She asked. I quickly spilled the story. “Don’t worry. I’m going to get you out.” I assured her. I got out a sword and started filing off the bars. I finally got the window opened. Mom grasped on to my hand as a helped pull her out. “I know where to go.” I told her, after hugging. I lead her to Rey’s house and introduced her to Rey. “We will be safe. We will find a way.” Rey said. And I knew everything would work out fine.

Challenge 6

*I used all the prompts*

I came to the realization that the fence around the orphanage was to keep the public safe from the kids- not the other way around. The kids had powers but they didn’t know how to control them. You never know what they could do. One day an orphan did get out. The whole country was exposed to his powers and nobody could control him. He wasn’t trying to cause danger. He was tired of being stuck in an orphanage not being able to play with his powers. So he escaped. He ran down the road, the sound of his thumping feet echoing off the walls. He ran to a building whose sign bore the words “Picture House” and Dylan knew he was at the right place. The scary thing was that the only words glowing were the words “Cure Us”. Dylan shot a laser beam at the wall causing it collapse. Dylan walked inside looking around at all the new surroundings. He found six huge pictures that were hanging in the large room. Dylan shot magic at one making it glow. Dylan did the same thing thing with all of them, and they each were a different color. Dylan was satisfied with his work because he had activated the portals. Now he just needed to help all the lands that the portal leader to. That is why the sign said “Cure Us”. Dylan went in the portals one by one saving them. Maybe the other kids couldn’t control the I powers, but Dylan could.