More Sophie Photos XD

Hey guys!  Long time, no post.

I just got back from Florida! I had an amazing time. I will be posting more pictures from my trip on my blog, LifeFromBehindACamera.

I sadly only took a few photos of Sophie, but here they are!


Hmm… this one is okay, but I wish her hair wasn’t blowing in her face.

Oooo, I love this one!

It was SO windy and she kept falling in the sand :/

It’s dark, but I guess it looks sorta cool!

Well, those are the only pictures I got! I am pretty proud of the first ones.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!

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Testing, testing 123!


Hello everyone! YES!!!!!

So, as you know, I am out of space so I can’t post pictures. But Allison told me a really easy way to still upload pictures, and it looks like it worked!

Above is a photo of Jackie that I took in the snow! 😉

So if you can see it, that means I can post pictures again! YAY! Here are the rest of the photos from this AGPS.






Well, that’s it! I’m SO excited to post photo shoots and photo stories on here again!

pig awesome 1