A Photoshoot of Caroline

2016-01-02 001

I really like this picture! And is that bokeh?

2016-01-02 002

2016-01-02 003

2016-01-02 004

Eek! I love her curls!

2016-01-02 005

2016-01-02 006

2016-01-02 007

2016-01-02 008

2016-01-02 009

This is her profile picture!

2016-01-02 010

Her beautiful aqua-marine eyes!

2016-01-02 011

That’s the end of this photo shoot! I feel like these photos turned out really well. Did you like the focus? I did. And I just love Caroline!

Oh! And I added Caroline to meet my AG dolls! Here is the link:

Meet My AG Dolls

Thanks for reading! And BTW its actually snowing outside while I type this! Finally! Its sticking!!! Love,

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AG Christmas Haul 2015!

Hello everyone! Today I am showing you my AG Christmas Haul 2015! I am not doing this post to brag, I just thought you might want to know what I got and this post was requested! I am also thankful for everything. Lets get started!

2015-12-26 001

Here is an overview! First I will start with Truly Me, Our Generation, and AG Crafts:

2015-12-26 002

First I got the Truly Me pizza party set from my brother! I cant wait to use this!

2015-12-26 003

Next I got the Truly Me guitar from my grandma! This is going to be for Saige. Thanks Grandma!

2015-12-26 004

Here I have the Truly Me doll tees activity set. This was from my mom’s friend.

2015-12-26 005

Next I have a AG craft! This was from my cousins.

2015-12-26 006

My brother also gave me this really cute Our Generation Outfit!

2015-12-26 007

I got this mini Lori outfit from my other brother. It fits mini Rebecca perfectly!

Grace Items:

2015-12-26 008

In my stocking I got Bon Bon! He is super cute!

2015-12-26 009

My grandma got me Grace’s pajamas! Thank you grandma!

2015-12-26 010

My parents got me Grace’s City Outfit! I love it!

2015-12-26 011

I got Grace’s Opening Night Outfit! It was from my brother.

2015-12-26 012

I also got the Grace movie in my stocking!

Now Beforever!

2015-12-26 013

Next in my stocking I got Julie’s old accessories!

2015-12-26 014

I got Kit’s reporter set from my parents.

2015-12-26 015

My uncle got me Caroline’s pajamas!

2015-12-26 016

My uncle also gave me Caroline’s accessories!

2015-12-26 017

Then I got Caroline from my parents! I love her!

2015-12-26 019

My grandpa gave me this AG Santa outfit! Yay!

That is my haul! I am grateful for everything! I hope you had a great Christmas. Bye! Love,

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