Two Lea photoshoots!

Hello everybody! This weekend, I traveled for a gymnastics meet! That’s why I didn’t post then. But anyway, first I need to give a shoutout to Jaclynn from Little House Of American Girl! She guessed my new doll before looking to see who it was. Congrats!

Well, recently I took two photoshoots of Lea! I wanted to post both of them, so I am going to post them today! Enjoy!

Lea: Wild Explorer





I love this one!




Next photoshoot! You can see a huge weather change in these two sets of pictures, when they were only about a week and a half apart!

Lea and the Pig






Bye! Tell us which photo you like best in the comments!

pig awesome 1



New Blog Name????

I have been thinking about this for a while. You know what I am talking about from the title. I feel like I need a new name for my blog. The reason is because the name doesn’t suit my blog very well Here are the reasons:

  1. The blog isn’t all about Saige. Its about all my dolls.
  2. My blog doesn’t have very many crafts. More photo shoots and photo stories.
  3. I feel like I just need a fresh, new start with my blog name.

I am TOTALLY keeping this blog. I am just changing the name of the one I already have. You are probably wondering what the new name is. Well, you get to vote. Here is the poll:

Have fun voting, Mya ❤