HSH Season 1 Episode 2

home sweet home

Episode 2-

I woke up late. Really late. At 10:00 AM! Everyone else was awake.


I looked outside and saw Maddy taking out her bulldog to do his business. Miles was kicking a baseball.


I went downstairs and saw Mom sitting on the couch sipping a mug of coffee while watching master chef.


“Good morning.” I said to get her attention. “Oh hello, Crystal. I didn’t see you were up. How late did you stay up?” She said. “Oh we stayed up around midnight.” I said. She laughed. “What were you doing all that time?” “Oh, just reading.” I answered.   “So your a bookworm too?” She asked. “Yes. Me and Maddy are.” I answered. “Well Maddy is outside with meatloaf. Come inside if you’re hungry.” Mom instructed.


I went outside. “Hi, Maddy!” I said. “Do like my dog, Meatloaf?” She asked. “Oh yes. He is a cutie.” I said.


Meatloaf ran up to me and licked my cheek. “What do you like to do, Maddy?” I asked. “Well I like to read and bake. My favorite animal is a pig.” She said.


She pointed to her piggy pjs.


I looked down at my my ones with a grey shirt and orange shorts.


“Awesome! I like to bake and I like gymnastics. I have always wanted to be on a team. And as you know I love reading.” I told her. “Cool! Gymnastics looks fun but I’m not flexible. We both like to read and bake!” She exclaimed. “Would you like to see our bakery?” She asked. I was shocked. “Your bakery?” I asked. I really think I’m gonna like it here. “Yes. My mom owns a French pastry shop. Come on, I will show you. First I have to ask Mom.”


After she asked Mom she showed me down the block and to the bakery. “Here it is!” She pronounced. There was a stand with a tower of pastries, an oven and counter, a cupboard on the wall with desserts and a mini bakery model.


“Wow…” I breathed. “This place is amazing! Can we bake?” I asked. “Of course!” Maddy answered. “What do you like to bake?” She asked. “I love making French pastries like baguettes and tartlets and macaroons.” I answered dreamily. “Well let’s start with a baguette” she said.


Soon we had made a baguette and were eating it for breakfast.


“Let’s go home now and get dressed for the day.” Maddy said after we finished eating. Home. Hopefully this home would last. Hopefully it will be home sweet home.


When we got home we changed. Then the doorbell rang. “The mails here!” Yelled Maddy. I ran outside and grabbed the mail. The first letter had my name on the front.


I tore open the envelope. Ahhh! I screamed.

-To be Continued-

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Home Sweet Home (HSH) Season 1 Episode 1

The long awaited HSH!








I walked up to the door trailing along my luggage.


I took a deep breath and knocked. I heard the yelling, “She is here! Everyone, come here!”


Only a moment later the door swung open. A girl about my age with glasses and her mother who looked like her stood there along with the father wearing a plaid shirt with caramel  colored hair.


Then running out from behind them stood a little boy who looked about seven. He walked right up to me and said, “I am Miles. My big sister is Maddy and she is your age. That is my mommy and daddy over there. You can call them Mrs. and Mr. Rey.”


I stood there shocked how talkative he was. “Umm, hi. My name is Crystal. I guess you are my brother.” I started shyly. “Yes I am.” He replied.


Then Mrs. Rey said, “We are happy to see you and we have been waiting for you. You can call me mom and your father ‘dad’.”


Before I could reply, dad said, “Maddy will show you where you will be staying.” He eyed Maddy as if trying to tell her, “Bring her to your room.”


Maddy caught that. “Follow me. We will share a big room.” She said.


I followed her into the doorway and we appeared to be in the kitchen and living room. Then we walked up a staircase.


We stood in a large room with two beds, an easel with painting supplies scattered around it, an armoire, a shelving unit that took place as a nightstand and a little flower pot.


“You will sleep in this bed.” She started, pointing to the big one with a nightstand,


“And I will sleep in this one.” She pointed to the one against the left wall.



“The easel is mine and the rest of the things on the right side of your bed are yours.” She made clear.


“Wow, thanks.” I said. “How old are you exactly?” I asked curiously. “Oh I am 11. How old are you?” She answered. “I am 10. Nice to know you.” I said trying to sound as excited as she was. I was a little shy but she seemed really nice. “Dinner!” Dad suddenly called. We giggled and scattered down the stairs.


He was holding a picnic basket full of food and a blanket. “I decided we should have a picnic.” He said.



After dinner, we brushed our teeth, said prayers, and then Miles went to sleep but me and Maddy read. We had one thing in common. We were crazy bookworms. At midnight we stopped reading. We fell fast asleep.
-To be continued-

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