My Email to AG

Hey people. Jaclynn shared what she wrote to AG, so I am too. Here is what I said.

American Girl:
I know you have been hearing a lot of hate about your changes on Facebook and Instagram. And guess what? I don’t blame them. Because I agree with them, and we have the right to share our opinion. I haven’t been excited for your new releases lately, and have been greatly disgusted by your recent changes.
I have an American Girl Doll blog called and I follow a hundred or so blogs on there. And NO ONE likes your new “updates”. Everyone despises them. Here are a few things that we strongly dislike.
1. Zip ties. Why!? I guess it’s good that their head stays on tighter, but this causes a major problem. First of all, if you accidentally drop your doll in water, you can remove their head and blow dry their stuffing so it doesn’t get moldy. Not anymore! And don’t try to play pretend, because we all know what your doing. You want us to pay you to fix our doll by changing the doll so we can’t fix them ourselves. Now that is just sad. Also if you want to do an eye swap, you have to remove the head.
2. The packaging. Seriously, what were you thinking?! It is literally Our Generation boxes.
3. SEWN ON UNDERWEAR. What? How will the dolls wear swim suits or leotards? And I have seen leaked pictures, and nearly stabbed the nearest think to me. That’s how angry I am.
4. Taking away best friends. That just isn’t right. Are you teaching girls to be lonely hermits?
5. Your attitude. You want us to share OUR opinions with you. So we do. And what do YOU do? You do EXACTLY what everyone hates. And you may think that it doesn’t matter. But it does, and because of this, you are going to a have a huge decline in income and start losing thousands and millions of dollars. I’m not going to  buy another doll from you. I have 13 AG dolls, and I thought I would always buy from you. But when I look at your products, I have the calling to go stab something in anger. Please go back to your old ways, before you lose your loyal fans and find yourself in a big hole that you dug your way into.
From a PREVIOUS fan,

I know that sounded really upfront and harsh, but I’m showing them how desperate I am for them to change. They aren’t going to change when they read a sweet sugarcoated email saying we don’t prefer sewn on underwear. We need to speak our true opinion. PLEASE write them with your opinion!

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